Prions Are Coming.


Walter Chestnut was the first to begin raising alarms about prions.


Initially, Walter was frightened by what he found. He reached out to his peers to corroborate the research.


His alarms grew louder.


And louder.


About this time, after reviewing Walter’s research and hearing about a few anecdotal cases, Adam Gaertner joined the chat.

And then the chief scientist of Astra Zeneca died of prion disease.


And every time Adam mentioned prions, more anecdotal cases would appear.


And then other doctors started talking about prion disease.

And more people started to notice.

And all the while, Walter continued to find more troubling material.


By mid-July, after researching the science and with more anecdotal evidence accumulating every day, Adam was convinced.


And today he decided to start accumulating evidence in earnest. This is too important to ignore.


That is why this site exists. We will collect, compile, and collate the stories that no one else wants to hear about. We will endeavor to find out what is happening, to what extent it is happening, how many might be impacted by this, and any potential solutions to what appears to us to be an emergent and dire crisis.

If you or a family member is suffering memory loss, behavorial changes, or other neurological side effects to the EUA products, please share your story with us, with as much detail as you are able to provide.